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And although she is originally from the Eastern Shore, she travels around the country coaching for such events and running clinics to help teach the youngest sailors how to sail competitively.

The Green Fleet participants all practiced together during a clinic the day before the event began, which Chamberlin said is a fun way for the beginners to meet kids from other clubs.“You know your buddies from your yacht club or your hometown, but being able to get into a clinic you get more time with the other competitors,” she said.

Around 160 competitors aged 8 - 18 competed across three fleets during the event, according to BCSC Event Chair George Good, and participants traveled from all over the eastern seaboard to take part in the event.

Good said there were more than 25 different yacht clubs represented in the regatta and one participant traveled from as far away as Tanzania to sail for the Annapolis Yacht Club.

To put it simply, he wants to be there, and she’s trying to move. In practice, Chamberlin said, they are doing a lot of isolated skills.“And then in competition you’re kind of putting it all together.But as important is you’re meeting a lot of new people here,” he said, kicking off a common theme repeated throughout the event - camaraderie.“You’re going to meet these people and sail with them forever,” he said, noting that some of the parents of competitors at the event were people he sailed with and competed against when he was young.Competitors were broken up into three fleets according to their type of vessel: Lasers, 420s and Optimists (or Optis).Based in Texas, the company expects to hire up to 55 people for the Avenue location off Honeygo Boulevard.

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