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Laurel is called a “Man Whisperer,” Dating Jedi Master, Relationship Fairy, and Cyrano.

More than anything else, Laurel demystifies dating so that you can confidently date with integrity and purpose.

Second: Seattle single mom of three and nurse Ingrid Lyne, 40, was found dismembered in a recycling bin, for which a local man was arrested.

The two were scheduled to attend a Mariner’s baseball game on a first date.

Dating is different when you have a child, and so are you—your priorities, schedule, needs, and your body. You are on your own again, with a little one at your side.

Speaking from experience, here are some single mom dating tips–along with questions to ask yourself and a few affirmations to repeat to know you are ready. If you gave birth to your child, your body has changed.

She has a no-games, rule-screwing approach, teaching her clients exactly what to say and do, how to present themselves online and in-person, and the specific strategy to find love- hard, deep, and fast, just like she and so many of her clients have.

Laurel House is a Santa Monica-born, bred, and based dating and relationship coach, helping to empower her clients to be their best selves so that they can find the love the deserve.If I connect with a guy online, 99 percent of the time I can find his Linked In, Facebook and Twitter profiles within 5 minutes. When you live a life of truth, your instincts are honed and sharp.I could then look him up on sex offender and other criminal registries, probably find some mutual friends or colleagues — all before even meeting. They signal like wildfire when something is amiss, because life and people are amiss the minority of the time. And life sometimes really, really, horribly absolutely stinks, and as crippling as it may sound, there are no guarantees you can protect yourself 100 percent.As for the actual dangers of single moms marrying a pedophile: Yes, this is a risk.But it is not a single-mom-marrying-a-pedophile problem. So might older siblings, parents or family friends at sleepovers. Or teachers at school or derelicts lurking in the bushes outside the after-school program.Social media and news headlines have honed in on the fact the two met on a dating site, setting off alarms that the and OKCupids are inherently dangerous meeting grounds for adults — most especially vulnerable populations like unmarried mothers.

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