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NOTE: The Rudi Gernreich iconic topless black wool bathing suit from 1964 currently sells in the ,000-,000 USD range These two bathing suits are nearly as important for ANY Gernreich collection! I've seen this photo dated as late as 1975, yet other info states likely earlier, so it's somewhere between 1968-1975.

This is probably your ONLY opportunity to add these to your collection. There is some question as to the date on this suit...

She wasn't old enough for it to be hers, but may have been collected by her? They came with the outfit, so you may want to purchase them with the habit. MEASUREMENTS: Bodice measures 32" bust, 12" across back, 24" waist.

Skirt measures: 26" waist, 38" long from waist to hem in front, 46" long in back.

This piece is in EXCELLENT CONDITION with just a few minor threads out of place, and just a few minor tears to the silk lining (a lining that is SO rare to find in place at all! I also read that Marie Therese "made other dresses for Grace Kelly during her time as Princess of Monaco." I have also found a 1960's gown that had both a Jean Desses label as well as the Marie Therese label.

That gown was sold at auction and was believed to have been owned by internationally renowned ballerina, Margot Fonteyn.

Might want a couple more petticoats under for proper shape if you display. I have been lucky enough to have found and sold a few other lace items from Maurice-Mayer, Paris, including a lace gown (which you can still see from my museum archive pages at: and a lace and ermine jacket ( And not surprisingly, I found an article in a 1912 newspaper that lists a Maurice Meyer blue velvet wrap for 0 (which is nearly ,000 in today's dollars)!!! and the only other detail is at the shoulders, with a satin trim. The incredible beauty here is that the opposite side of the lining shows as pink and white through the sheer chiffon!!!

It's very dry and no longer viable, but I'm leaving it on the coat so your furrier can use as a pattern.

I'm sure this was incredible expensive when new, and it doesn't look like it was ever worn. Measures: up to 36" bust, up to 28" waist, up to 38" hips, 44" long from natural waist to hem in front, 46" long in back. still great for something this fragile to have survived at all.

There are a few leg breaks in the Battenburg lace (easy fix for a seamstress).

The black silk thin patterned velvet coat is in great condition!

The pattern in the velvet can only be seen under certain lights, otherwise it just looks like a solid black velvet.

Inside, there are some tears in the chiffon pleating, but not terrible. It would take five weeks to make a pleated linen dress.

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