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In 1910, the brothers Peugeot and Armand Peugeot merged their companies.By 1927, the cycle portion of the company was running autonomously from the automobile business.Check back with us for updates as we gather data on this most outrageously French of all bicycles! The more we learn about these bicycles, the less willing we are to make hard and fast statements about them.Sources include numerous collectors on the Internet-BOB and Cycles de Oro classic lightweights newslists, as well as numerous purveyors of vintage bicycles including Dale Brown of cycles de ORO, Jim Cunningham of Cycl Art, and Mike Kone of Bicycle Classics.The Arc-en-Ciel (rainbow) stripes of a World Champion appears on Peugeot downtubes shortly after Simpson's 1965 World Road Championship victory, and they remained there for many years. By 1990, Peugeot had sold the North American rights to market bicycles under the their name to the Canadian firm of Pro Cycle, formerly known as CCM.Formed in 1977, Pro Cycle had manufactured some Peugeots as early as 1978.

Thanks to Sheldon Brown of Harris Cyclery for providing the translations of the French catalogs.

The two companies separated, and Cycles Peugeot was formed.

(Click here for a catalog cover illustrating many years of Peugeot catalogs.)The vast majority of French-built Peugeots came from the factories in Beaulieu; by 1974, Peugeot had created an "Atelier Prestige" in that location for their finest hand-built bikes.

In Beaulieu, in the Doubs their first bicycle, a penny-farthing called "Le Grand Bi", was hand built in 1882 by Armand Peugeot.

The lion appears as Peugeot's trademark in 1858, designed by Justin Blazer, a Montbeliard gold engraver.

This site is devoted to Peugeot's classic lugged and brazed performance bicycles.

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