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Shockwave is another great talent to use, but it lacks the range of storm bolt, however unlike storm bolt shockwave will stun far more opponents, just be warned messing up with shockwave will deprive you of a stun (the plans as of right now for Wo D is that shockwave and storm bolt will share the same talent tree) For the most part with talents, test them out in Battlegrounds and see what works best for you.

Recklessness Should be used to achieve maximum burst output, ie.

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The common tool against all melee enemies is Disarm when it is most advantageous.

To keep from being kited from ranged classes, use Hamstring this will keep your target slowed and easier in your grasp, it is also off the GCD making it invaluable, coupled with Staggering shout your target wont go anywhere, and humorously some players will trinket a stagger giving your stun a nice juicy full duration without fear of being trinketed.

Heroic Leap with Double Time will give you 3 chances to close in to your target as well along with hamstring.

Also as slam is instant cast, you should use it when either you have used all of your taste for blood charges or when you need the raw damage on, it is preferable to use your attacking moves when you have the rage and Colossus Smash on target.

I do not advise using Heroic strike as it costs 30 Rage and does not hit as hard as slam, and 3 overpowers at 10 rage each easily over damage it.

Other than Disarm, increased melee combat means more "swings" of the melee weapons by both warrior and foe, providing more opportunities to use the high-value/rage warrior counterattacks of Overpower and Revenge (Revenge is only worthwhile if stun-talent added, and can be caused by shield-block).

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