Teen dating in 1950 are antonio and brooke still dating


In the 00s, they are socially close, but seem far apart in appearance.

Sure women wear jeans etc, but the long/short hair dichotomy is strong, and all this stuff about guys not wearing short shorts, or girls looking boyish in a loose t-shirt.

For the most part, interracial, inter-religious, even inter-denominational was out. * Many pairings for not done for love or compatibility.

Divorce rates were lower more because of social stigma than anything else.

when a person was in their late teens or twenties, the purpose of dating extended to finding "the right person." what a person was looking for was their life-partner.

the idea of either spending the majority of one's life "dating" or "in relationships" where there would be no permanent commitment, wasn't even considered.

by in common I mean lifestyle and standards in addition to interests. dating amongst the very young had a dual purpose: getting to know others, and enjoying social activities.

the standard which most people adhered to was dating did not include being "sexually active." 3.

I'm not batting for one or the other, I'm just wondering which era is better for dating and marriage.I'll add that even though this speaks for a generation-past, in my home region these factors have not changed.it's the same for young adults today as it was decades ago.Why, I'm curious, do you think it was much better in the 70s and 80s?Well, maybe because I was younger, it was simply much easier for me to get laid, and there was no fear of AIDS /STD ...it's not only me, people didn't hide like today behind thier "paraphernalia" (mobile phone,mp3, computer), even the fashion (unisex, long hair for guys) was more conducive of a mingling of the sexes..stress in the professional field too, more easygoing times (people say it of the 60's too, but I was only a kid then, so...)Why, I'm curious, do you think it was much better in the 70s and 80s?No idea of the 50's (I wasn't even born), but I remember it was much better in the 70's and 80's than now.

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