The dating song the disaster movie

The Unrated shows alternative shots of the princess along with the added line "And a curious factoid: Pandas actually have three descending testicles." Unrated 2,8 sec longer - (-) Indiana Jones (Tony Cox) elaborates on what went on with Wills mother: "She did this special thing..her big toe and candle wax..." Will: "Okay." Once more, earlier starting of the following shot in the PG-13. - He's fucking (= dating) Hancock and I'm fucking Beowulf.

Unrated 5,4 sec longer - (-) In the PG-13 Indiana says "There is no cure for herpes and I bullshit you not." Before that, the Unrated shows him saying: "Hell, I got gonorrhea so many times, my Johnson looked like a melted Baby Ruth." Amy shivers in disgust and he continues: "Hell, in the 70s, my nickname was Chlamydia Jones." After another shot of Amy and Will, Indiana here too says "There is no cure for herpes and I bullshit you not", Will answers "Thanks, Dad". You know what time it is because I'm fucking (= dating) Juney too. fucked my ass (= dates me once) again but I'm also fucking (= dating) Prince Caspian. Along with the next line ("Under the bleachers, in the showers while we're changing for gym class.") identical shots have been used again. - You know you like it and I'm fucking (= dating) Kung Fu Panda.

0,9 sec (-) Will trying to get ridd of the Chipmunk with an umbrella.

4,8 sec (-) Will beats the Chipmunks two more times in two additional shots. 0,3 sec (-) Batman addresses Will regarding his girlfriend: "She must be some piece of pussy." Will agrees: "She is, sir. 6 sec (-) Only in the Unrated Batman gets to finish his line: "Would you want to watch me play with myself? 0,5 sec (-) The shot starts earlier and the princess says: "That was better than sex with a camel." 2 sec - (-) The PG-13 shows the princess laughing and saying "It's true". - She's fucking (= dating) Indiana and I'm fucking Hancock.

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credits in NTSC - 44 changed scenes, including 23x alternative footage - Difference: 63 sec ( min) Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer should be well-known and infamous by now.

has already been buried and everyone has to decide for himself what to make of these cheap copycats.

The procedure of releasing an Unrated version for home cinema has become common for comedy films as well.

Disaster Movie, the newest sorry effort of the both, has literally become a box office disaster, then torn to pieces all over the Internet.

Along with various poison spewing video-reviews, the battle for the top rank in the Imdb's Bottom 100 has also been a pleasure. Those who liked the already mentioned films of the infamous couple will enjoy this movie as well.

Unrated 13 sec longer (-) The shot is longer and the marked words are only uttered in the Unrated: "And, Will, do you take Amy to be your doughnut of love that you'll fill with cream every day? Backstage at my concert, fucks (= throws) me on my parents' bed. (The dude yelling "Yeah..." in Flava's direction is the same in both versions.) - Yeah, they're fucking (= dating) Hellboy and I'm fucking (= dating) the Hulk. Carmen Electra's last words "..the tragic hairdo" as well as the first line from the horrible-looking Javier Bardem-Double ("Call it, heads...") are identical. (Additional shot of the model in the Unrated.) - I am handsome and I am cool, that's why this prince fucks (= dates) the kids from high school. Kung Fu Pandas line is different in audio: "And I'm fucking (= dating) Michael Jackson." Michael Jacksons shots are the same in both versions.

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