The tao of badass dating system password

Here you’ll learn how to go into rapport and how to create love with anyone you meet.Along with…The latter part of the book shows you the 10 biggest and most common mistakes you can make with women that will cause her to turn ice-cold to you… Then, Joshua Pellicer sums up all the important points nicely.

This is actually my second favorite part of the Tao of Badass book.

If you’ve never been good at interacting with girls and you want to improve yourself. After reading this part, you’ll know about…You’ll get new insights as he traces confidence back to its roots, what he did it to catapult himself to rockstar levels of success with babes, and the simple steps you need to follow… Then you’ll be introduced to the core value system.

And you want to be a complete badass with women then, of course, this is for you. This explains why the lowest levels don’t have any chance with girls. This is also the part where you’ll learn how to handle loud guys in a bar with ONE sentence, so you don’t have to compete with them for hotties.

It has a solid psychology behind it, no fluff, and easy to understand. He’s a dating and relationship coach who’s had students from all walks of life; from celebrities to average guys, and from high school students, to 70-year-old guys. And one night, he had his “wake up call” with an event involving two cops.

In fact, it almost feels like you’re reading a psychology book written for grade schoolers. He has real experience and what he teaches is easy to follow. That event made him decide to take control of his dating life.

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