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But you need to set your password and the instructions will be given in the same webpage. After the account is created, you need to return back to this link, which is the main PADOR page. On this page, under the heading, “To create/register an organization,” click on the second link, which says: “You have a personal ECAS identification (*).” It would a good idea to bookmark this page as you need to return to it again and again.

Clicking on the link will lead you to the screen where you need to enter your username ( or your given email) and the password you have just set.

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The proposals have been presented to the Department of Health (DH) and the NHS but we have not received any feedback on them.First of all, visit the main PADOR webpage by clicking on this link. Under the heading, “To create/register an organization,” click on the link, which says: You do not have a personal ECAS identification (*) 3.A form will be opened up on the screen that needs to be filled. After filling all the fields in this form, click the “submit” button. Following this, you need to check your email (which was been entered in the form).The document comes as part of the discussions with the NHS following the 17th December open letter in which the Government announced a number of plans for community pharmacy including a £170m reduction in funding.The Government highlighted the need for efficiencies but also stated that it wanted to develop a clinically focussed community pharmacy service.KEY_PEDNAME, ped_name); values.put(Database App Helper. KEY_PEDPHONE, ped_phone); values.put(Database App Helper. KEY_PEDLOCATION, ped_location); values.put(Database App Helper. KEY_PEDEMAIL, ped_emailid); db.update(Database App Helper.

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