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call function 'XXL_FULL_API' exporting n_hrz_keys = n_hrz_keys n_vrt_keys = n_vrt_keys n_att_cols = n_att_cols data_starting_at = data_starting_at data_ending_at = data_ending_at filename = filename header_1 = header_1 header_2 = header_2 no_dialog = nodialog so_title = sotitle no_start = nostart tables vkey = vkey hkey = hkey data = it_Table sema = sema online_text = online_text print_text = print_text exceptions cancelled_by_user = 1. In this example, the "2" passed as the second parameter causes two columns to be highlighted as SAP will wait while the spreadsheet is open.

The function handles several exceptions, but only if data_ending_at ne 0. When the lv SPRAS parameter is populated with a language, the header is populated with language-specific descriptions of the field where available.

The ability to instantly view the contents of an internal table in Excel without having to pass it through the clipboard is a great time saver and a big hit with clients.

Not only does it obviate the need to perform a cumbersome S out of the source code for the SQ00 transaction.

That being said, to make a progress bar work properly, you need to set min and max properties, then know the amount of work completed as a percentage of the amount of work to be done, then apply that percentage to the progress bar's value property. Hi Darcy Adams, Progress bars rarely work well, and they can add a fair amount of overhead.

When the user changes the value in cell E1, the external data is automatically refreshed. The macro does nothing but select a cell within the queries output range and then refresh: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(By Val Target As Excel. Description & vb New Line, vb Critical End Sub Sub Code Still Running() Dim l Count As Long With z Progress For l Count = 1 To 100 Do Events Sleep 100 . Form Unload End With Set z Progress = Nothing End Sub Sub Refresh External Data() Range("A6"). But the length of time it runs has no relation to the length of time that the query takes to refresh. If the query refreshes quickly, it may be done and the new data displayed while the prgress bar is still running. call function 'XXL_CHECK_API' " Test, ob XXL gestartet werden exporting question = 'STARTABLE' " kann importing return_code = rcode. Clicking the checkbox on the dialog box that appears will cause the instance of Excel with the spreadsheet to close automatically and the ABAP program will continue. Auto Size = False End With ' Turn off screen updating to enhance performance Application. They'll be randomly clicking things in anxious desgust after five seconds. sh Background Query:=False End Sub Public Sub Waiting Shape(Msg As String) ' ' Macro created by Patrick Matthews ' Procedure creates a formatted shape that tells the user that a macro is working.

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