Updating kindle

If you’re not sure what model you have you can check the Which Kindle E-reader do I have?

I missed the March 16th 2016 deadline to automatically update my kindle, so I followed the instructions on Amazon's website. I am using the right file, I have 3.4 trying to update to 3.4.2 but the update option under settings is greyed out.

New Audible customers can sign up for the service’s free trial and get two audiobooks on the house.In might take a few weeks but the update will download and install automatically if you have your Kindle connected wirelessly.If you’d rather install the update manually, the download for each model can be found on the Kindle Software Updates page.The only thing I've found even close is a post in r/techsupport from a few days ago with the exact same problem and no answers.Here is a picture and screenshot if that helps.https://imgur.com/a/br Mh JEDIT: u/dinosamo has the answer below download this file https://s3.amazonaws.com/G7G_Firmware Updates_Web Downloads/Update_kindle_3.4_3.4.2_B006replace the B006 at the end for your model and you're good to go!That covers all Kindles released over the past 5 years.

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