Updating soundstream navigation


It's not as powerful as some units, but it's capable.

It also features a full entertainment system, with a DVD and CD play, Bluetooth compatibility and smartphone integration so you sacrifice nothing to gain a bigger display.

The Joying JY-UL135N2’s two-year manufacturer warranty is the longest of any unit in our comparison.

If you're on a budget, this unit is the best way to improve the quality of your ride.

While the display isn't spectacular, the interface is easy to navigate and the GPS maps are very easy to read.

The touchscreen also makes navigation simple and quick while the large screen means it's easier to find the features you want quickly and safely.

The multimedia features are nearly as impressive as the GPS navigation.

It has a 200-watt, 4-channel amplifier, which is plenty of juice to power your car's stereo.

In other words, it's the most well-rounded aftermarket GPS navigator that we reviewed.

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