Who is clementine ford dating 2016


When Clementine Ford says things like “kill all men”, we are expected to take it as a “joke”.

Yet when men banter and say such things about women, it’s misogyny.

It appears this all started when a feminist spy in blokes advice shared some screenshots with Clementine Ford.

As expected, these screenshots were selectively chosen, with many taken out of context.

Abusing her is only giving her more ammo to play the victim and cash in.

As we know, shaming and doxxing men is a hobby of Clementine Ford’s.

This wasn’t, as some might be tempted to argue, because the women present had fewer things to say. TFW you write an article critiquing the format and unconscious gender bias of a show on the national broadcaster and the right wing misogynist ABC haters don't know whether to say you're right or wrong.

pic.twitter.com/f Whr4JH24J A good thread from Victoria, one of the panellists on the #qanda peoples panel.

Blokes Advice has an army of 200,000 angry men who hate her.There is a war on facebook between Clementine Ford and the secret group “blokes advice”.The group “blokes advice” is reported to have a massive 200,000 members.For all those young women out there agonising because they think they can't have a successful writing career AND raise children, I am here to tell you that it's possible for children to basically raise themselves.On this week's Q&A, men spoke for 62 per cent of the time and women for 38 per cent.#auspol @Qand A pic.twitter.com/53t Zq Mqgk R Lolololololololololol "infant contact" ? @clementine_ford , Tony Jones and me, hanging out together in the Sydney Morning Herald today.

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