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Paramedics and Mr Johnson carried Prince, 57, into the vehicle, and he was revived on the tarmac with a shot of Narcan, which is typically used to treat opioid overdoses, said the newspaper.Prince was then taken to the nearby Trinity Moline Hospital.She recorded and performed with him at Paisley Park, leaving her home near Los Angeles to spend half of most months there, and opened for him in concert, in Baltimore, Detroit and Washington.He co-produced her 2015 debut album, Back in Time “I was with Prince the last two years of my life,” she said.

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In her first interview since his death in April, Judith Hill has said she cannot stop replaying in her mind the moment they were flying back from a concert in Atlanta when he lost consciousness.“Now he’s gone, and I realise I was leaning on him a lot. Even in death, Prince and Michael Jackson have something in common -- singer Judith Hill, who is opening up about what she saw the night Prince overdosed on his private jet.The results raised the possibility that anyone who provided the drug illegally could face criminal charges.Although the death was formally ruled an accident, that merely signified that it was not intentional and in no way precludes prosecution.Hill was on board the flight that made the emergency landing in Moline, IL ...

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