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Rick and Genis later discovered this bond still applied to the current Genis. " Destiny Force: On rare occasions, and through unusual circumstances, Jones has been able to tap into a mysterious, near-limitless energy sources known as the Destiny Force.

Rick authored a best-selling novel on his days as a sidekick. The Destiny Force is believed to be inherent in all humanity.

Banner managed to throw Jones into a protective trench before the bomb detonated, but he himself was bombarded with gamma radiation.

This radiation triggered a mutagenic change in Banner, causing him to turn into the raging superhuman Hulk.

When the Hulk returned to Earth, Jones attempted to calm him down by telling him about Captain America's death, but when the Hulk almost calmed down, Dr. Rick later went to Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, but was attacked by the Hulk's allies. into a new blue creature who quite resembled the Abomination; calling himself A-Bomb. tried to hunt the Whisperer down, he was helped by Captain America to evade the authorities, as Cap believed the Whisperer's intentions to be righteous and opposed S. Jones has used this power to alter reality in the past by bringing figures from his own imagination to life or even figures from different times of existence.

Jones was cured by the Beyonder at the same time Rom and Brandy left for Galador.

I've got the most powerful thing in the world under my control, and I don't know what to do with it! I don't dare go to sleep again, unless he's locked up back in his dungeon!

Richard "Rick" Jones was orphaned at a young age, and after being expelled from several orphanages for disciplinary reasons he was placed into a state institution called Tempest Town.

When Iron Man suggested that Rick be made a full member of the Avengers, Cap strongly opposed the idea.

Using the Negative Zone portal in the Baxter Building seemed to remove that limitation.

Overhearing a teenager dare a friend to ride out with him on the desert where it was rumored an atomic bomb was going to be tested, Jones offered to take him up on the challenge.

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