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In order to economise, a system of one conductor to two buses was operated.

This entailed the conductor boarding a bus heading for the town centre and, after collecting the fares, he would cross the road to meet a bus travelling in the opposite direction.

Standing passengers were not allowed on one-man operated buses either, but were allowed if a conductor was on board.

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The service proved to be successful enough to warrant four more similar buses to be ordered in September. In 1928, the Council deliberated between a replacement tramway system and motor-buses.The Council experimented with diesel engined buses in 1934 when demonstrators from AEC, Leyland, Crossley and Guy were tried.This resulted in orders for single AEC and Leyland chassis, along with two Guy Arab chassis.It might be argued therefore, that the Station Street / Guild Street / Union Street crossroads was Burton’s first bus park!A half hourly service was planned running from am to pm.As a result seven conductors could collect the fares on eight vehicles.

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