Windows media center guide not updating


Emby is a free application I use with Server WMC on this quad-core PC to stream live or recorded TV programs to my smartphone or Roku (see previous post Watch live local TV anywhere via Emby app).

Also in that case, I recommend saving a copy of your current HOSTS file (C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\HOSTS).Since I have two Win 10 PCs running WMC, I picked the faster quad-core PC for my first go. And all the WMC 8.8.1 files from last time were still there.Here are my relevant notes: Be current on Windows Update before starting with Creators Update.If you should have problems with the program data download phase of setup, the IP addresses in your HOSTS file may be responsible.Do a Google search for “” to look for other IPs if yours or the ones I gave above don’t work for you.Microsoft stopped updating their Windows Media Center software after they introduced Windows 7. Eventually, Microsoft may move that functionality to Xbox.

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