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Even Waid admitted that he screwed up in Kingdom Come in terms of Wonder Woman and her romance with Superman so if he admits fault, there's not much any other writer can do to make it work. Since if i remember correctly Superman was thinking about how beautiful and how great Diana is.

Feel free to avoid my post but thus far, none of these points have been sufficiently disproved by supporters of the relationship in the slightest. So why you like this soulless and terrible romance is beyond me when all reasonable logic and clear cut analysis of the relationship can be dissected and exposed for the stupid PR move it really is. I should elaborate, the new Superman is great in Morrison's AC and Snyder's Unchained, but this Wonder Woman relationship is genuinely just...pointless...

It was a dream come true for meas I'd wanted them together--really since I first saw them as a kid.

But now I truly believe it is actually hurting the DC universe and I'll explain why I think this. So feel free to disagree but let's keep this civil.

Finally, my last issue with this relationship is how poorly managed it's been.

Don't tell me Superman will date Wonderwoman and then have Superman pine for Lois, don't have Diana thinking about how much she looooovvveeesss Clark (Lobdell) and then have her "Hans solo" him when they're at their lowest moment as a couple. I mean I know it's comic books but surely something this big should have some sort of organization and administrative competency shouldn't it? It was not even a nice try, it was not even a valiant effort (no pun intended). Fixed for accuracy on the relationship, interactions between the two characters and how the relationship has written both participants exceptionally poorly in an empty, vacuous and downright disrespectful management of these two characters.

Superman has Lois which he has proven feeling for, he has Jimmy to talk to and even Batman if he wants to talk since this two go on missions outside the league.

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