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width=1440NRK CHRISTMAS EVE SONAR “How incredibly special and beautiful…

A journey in soundscapes” – Trond Erikson / Smaalenene – 6/6 quality and artistry” – International Record Review FRENCH MUSIC FOR HARP AND STRINGS “Culinary! ” – Ståle Wikshåland / Dagbladet – 5/6 ”Ellen Sejersted Bødtker is a Norwegian harpist of international standard.

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It is not music AND poetry, but musical poetry and poetry that dares to get to the core of human existence without a trace of distance or irony.

Non-Scandinavian listeners might be a little estranged by Vold’s foreign voice, but the English translation of the poetry, done by the poet himself, makes it possible to get the full experience of the beauty in words and music.

The oriental timbre of Bødtker’s instrument meets the Nordic windy whisper of Henriksen’s trumpet and Raude’s percussion binds it all together with a pulse that flows gently. He uses pauses to great effect and stretches his vocal without straining it.

It is all about being in the moment, like in this little haiku: “the drop / hangs there / no more.” The difference between presence and disappearance is only a matter of a break in the line, articulated poignantly through the poet’s voice.

Like the drop of water, we are here and then we are not. It uses water, stones, wind and snow as recurrent motifs, placing us as humans in the middle of a natural world in constant change, but changes are not always bad.

Personnel: Ellen Bødtker: acoustic and Electric harp, e bows & piano; Jan Erik vold: voice; Arve Henriksen: trumpet, vocal & Electronics; Eirik Raude: percussion & electronics.

Year Released: 2015 | Record Label: Losen Records Related Video https://

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