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There are several types of bread; unleavened flat bread is typical.

A popular dish in Yemen is , a stew of lamb or chicken that is heavily spiced with fenugreek and other herbs. Alcoholic beverages are considered culturally and religiously inappropriate, though they are available.

Unquestionably the most important and distinctive social institution and form of recreation in Yemen is the khat party, or khat “chew.” This is especially true in the northern part of the country, but, since the slight increase in general prosperity in the 1970s, the use of khat has spread to virtually all levels of Yemeni society.

At least half of all men, and a smaller number of women, attend khat chews (which usually are segregated by gender) with some regularity, and many do so on a daily basis.

"Rescue teams and citizens are still trying to rescue people from under the rubble," freelance journalist Zaid Elaya told NBC News at around p.m. It is "defined by an extraordinary density of rammed earth and burnt brick towers," the U. I thought it was too flat sounding to be windows breaking and hoped it wasn't one of the houses," said Potter, who works in Yemen as a freelance photographer.

patriarchal, and households usually consist of an extended family living in a single domicile or family compound.

Families are very close and are the focus of the individual’s primary devotion; one’s second allegiance is to the tribe, an extended family unit that ordinarily traces its ties to a common eponymous ancestor.

In rural Yemen, state authority is weak, and disputes between tribes are frequently solved through violence.

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Women play a secondary role in running the household and raising the children and, in rural areas, helping to work the family farm.

Though prohibited by law in 2001, female genital cutting still occurs, taking place primarily in private and varying significantly by region.

Marriages are almost always arranged and frequently are undertaken at a young age.

The art of the feud is still quite real, and, as a consequence, Yemen is a gun culture.

Virtually every household has at least one weapon, and men and boys often carry firearms in public.

The city of Sanaa and the towns of Zabīd and Shibām are noted for their architecture, and each has been listed as a UNESCO The most widespread and traditional cultural outlet is oral, in the form of proverbs, popular stories, and poetry; poems that deal with timeless themes such as love and death as well as with Yemeni history, biography, and Islamic themes and traditions are particularly prevalent.

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